What is OpenApps?

What is OpenApps Euskadi?


Is the application directory or Open Open Source Apps of Public Administration of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. Its purpose is to accommodate those applications to facilitate its reuse in other applications. Besides the catalog of Open Apps also has a catalog Reuse Process, which will be launched soon and which will detail what new Open Apps will be available and when it will be, and a catalog of other known directories which also host open source applications and, finally, a catalog of the annual reports in accordance with Decree 159/2012, of July 24th, and the Order of September 25th that develops approving Policy for opening applications and reuse the Basque Autonomous Community, indicate the results of the impact of openness and reuse of software applications that decree regulating and exploiting the information held in this directory.


Opening in Euskadi OpenApps


When opening or make publicly available sources of computer applications, according to the decree, those licenses will be used to ensure that the applications are published in Euskadi OpenApps be considered as open source software applications. These licenses are those that allow computer applications:

a) Can be implemented for any purpose.

b) To determine its source.

c) Can be modified or improved.

d) Can be redeployed to any public administration, natural or legal person with or without changes whenever the computer application that could create the licensee on the basis of the original computer program or of any of its modifications hold these same four guarantees.

The standards and formats of open source applications published in OpenApps Euskadi and the data that they process, react exclusively on standards as provided in Article 11 of Royal Decree 4/2010 of January 8th, which regulates the National Interoperability Framework in the field of eGovernment, or legislation replacing it, so that they are in accordance with the nature of the applications and data to be processed, giving priority to the purpose for which each format was defined and always avoiding the use of proprietary formats or closed, or have not been published as open standards and therefore no guarantee technological neutrality.

In order that the entities included in the scope of this Decree, as licensors, may be made available for no charge and without agreement, any Public or any person or entity, computer applications under this Decree, it shall meet the following requirements in its licensing conditions:

a) That the aim pursued by the licenses is, exclusively, the use and reuse of software applications and their associated documentation.

b) That licenses may not allow any third party to appropriate the exclusive software application and associated documentation.

c) That the licenses provide for relief from liability of the licensor for the possible misuse of it make the licensee.

d) That the licensor has no obligation to provide technical assistance to the licensee or maintenance of the software application or associated documentation, so licensed.

e) That the licensor to the licensee not compensate in any way for errors in computer application or related documentation.


How to use the contents of Euskadi OpenApps


The source code of the applications of the Public Administration of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, as additional provision of the Decree, will preferentially associated Public License EU adopted by the European Commission, known by the acronym EUPL, Version 1.1 or later, which does not preclude the use of other licenses that provide for the licensing conditions above. While for the associated documentation preferably use the Creative Commons Attribution-Share, known by the acronym CC-By-SA, version 3.0 or later .


Analysis and exploitation of information OpenApps Euskadi


The competent direction and telecommunications that will define indicators to monitor and evaluate the effects caused by the opening and reuse of applications covered by the decree.

Furthermore, the Directorate will incorporate the Census Information Resources and Telematics, described in Article 10 of Decree 35/1997, of February 18th, or legislation replacing it, the updated information about the sources of applications published in the above Directory and annually publish a report on it in the analysis is made of the indicators listed in the previous section and the use of information contained in this Directory.

Reports Analysis and operational indicators of Euskadi OpenApps information:

Memory of 2012 (still to be published in January 2013)